Remedi Software and Systems


Remedi Software and System is a state of the art technology organization that streamlines the clinical work flows of our client's practices through our integration services and products. 

This revolutionary software offering will enable the physician to view comprehensive patient information by combining the standard charting of patient encounters with their complimentary data such as disparate test results, images, insurance information and other unique findings. Our ability to integrate over 171 instruments and real-time imaging and data review capabilities is what makes our offering unique in the industry.

1."Canvas" is our standalone Imaging/PACS software module that enables seamless processing of images and electronic reports with discreet data into one centralized repository to be accessed from any other computer in your office for review and analysis by physicians and support staff. This allows the physician to have the data at their finger tips in order to move efficiently, effectively and process the patients' information. This has been proven to enhance patient care and increase the efficiency of the physician and staff.

2."Gestalt" EMR/EHR is a comprehensive software platform which contains an affordable Picture Archiving Capture System (PACS) for DICOM image processing, storage and retrieval.  Gestalt can also generate HL7 messages that can be consumed by other EMR/EHR systems and pass the data between the disparate systems.

3. "Siesta" will be our patient management and practice management software module which when completed will be a seamless transition of the patient through their exam and payments.  The practice will be able to track the patient thorough entry into the office, through the exam process including every test or exam offered.  In addition the payment or insurance billing processes.  While this module is in development we are confident of the breadth and depth of this software. This module is still in development.

Contact us in Bradenton, FL today for more information about how we are dedicated to making your EMR/EHR  or Imaging /PACS software solutions right for you and your practice.