Remedi Software offers the ability to extract data from you're existing electronic health records system and produce a standardized database that your new electronic health records software can import. Very similar to the specification outlined by Meaningful Use, the format expands to accommodate specific data elements unique to Ophthalmology.  NOTE:Below we offer a sample of some of the specific points Remedi extracts compared to "vague" general "Modules" offered by some of our competitors.


Below are the most current extraction points:

1. Patient Clinical Demographics

2. Chart Notes/ Encounters

3. Visions

4. Refractions

5. Pressures

6. Keratotomy

7. Problem lists/Impressions

8. Plan

9. Vital Signs

10. Surgical History

11. Medications

12. Allergies

13. Medical History

14. Ophthalmic History

15.  Family History

16. Social History

17. Diagnosis Codes ICD 9/ICD 10 (if specified)

18. Charge Codes (CPT codes if specified)

19. Special Tests and interpretations (Ex. Cup to Disk)

This just names a few of the area or fields we can extract.  If you have an interest, we can provide a more comprehensive list of data we have extracted in previous extractions and conversions.

Imaging is a separate extraction and can be quoted as a separate extraction fee.