EHR Discrete Data Conversion Services

Why Remedi?

1. Our Tremendous Price value.

2.No Manual Conversion of Data- Most of the other data conversion companies extract your data and produce PDF's for you to enter into your new EHR.  Remedi extracts your data, puts it in a separate XML or DICOM formatted database in preparation of electronic entry into your new EHR and can be accessed utilizing our Universal Viewer.  If you want to print a PDF that would then be your choice.

3. Our ability to extract data from databases which other conversion companies have not been able to extract.

4.Our software engineers habe been developing EHR's for 24 years. So we know the product and processes. We are very familiar with many of the larger and smaller current EHR vendors.

5. Our software engineers have been able to successfully extract 100% of identifiable data.

6. Our ability to produce a "standardized" separate database.  This separate database can be accessed by the owner of the data at any time from that point forward.

7. Our standardized database format also allows for consumption and migration into a new EHR.  We have worked with some EHR vendors to do a "field to field" migration.  We have experience in consulting with EHR vendors to minimize the migration time and increase accuracy.  

8. Our software engineers have developed our Remedil Viewer, the extracted data is converted into an XML or DICOM format which can ve viewed, PDF printed, emailed, migrated to new EHR or otherwise used by the data owner.

9. Our Remedil Viewer can consume DICOM data.

10.  Our ability to convert "imaging" from the EHR database as well as an inter-grated or separate Picture Archive Capture System (PACS).