Imaging/PACS software

Suite of product offerings


Our Canvas products enable seamless processing of images and electronic reports with discreet data into one centralized repository.  This data will able to accessed from other computers in the practice for access and review by the physician and medical staff.  Canvas is a "truly vendor neutral" design and has the ability to integrate over 171 different instruments.  Our unique approach allows us to avoid a particular vendor's restrictions or proprietary requirements.  Canvas has an integrated Picture Archiving Capture System (PACS), processes and stores Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images and other data.

Canvas Express

Canvas Express is our entry level platform.  It is designed as a separate module and may be able to work with another vendor's EHR system.

Features and Benefits

1. Image retrieval and viewing.

2. Basic EHR integration into another vendor's system.

3. Auto support of the Humphrey visual field.

4. Basic imaging tools: Magnification. Zoom. Brightness. Contrast.

5. Basic annotations on images.

6. Utilizes our "Spark" Image/Data import application, via manual mode.

7. Touch screen capabilities is supported by this software.


This is our middle tier imaging product.  Canvas may also be able to be integrated into another vendors EHR system.

Features and Benefits

1. Site replication.

2. Patient focal points.

3. Customizable layouts.

4. Faster load times.

5. Ability to write impressions directly on images.

6. Ability to edit image data.

7. Ability to create custom reports for printing/emailing.

8. Illustration/sketching package.

9. "Spark" video capture capability.

Canvas Premier

As the name indicates, this is our premium imaging product.  As in the previous imaging products it contains all of the appropriate features listed, plus the following.

Features and Benefits

1. Full DICOM protocols.

2. Automated Image/Data input.

3. Advanced EHR integration.

4. HL7 messaging module.

5. DICOM CD reader.

Coming Soon

1. Full 3D rendering.

2. Ability to create an engine to create and save a Cd for patient.


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