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Remedi Software and Systems is a state of the art technology organization that utilizes its many years of experience and knowledge to help our client's practices through their conversion process.

From February 6, 2015 to November 30, 2016 the following are the numbers from our satisfied customers:

Providers:                                  247

Patients:                              3,163,506

Encounters/Charts:        12,495,849

Data Points:               62,424,000,000


Our Discrete Data Extraction and Conversion Services for Electronic Health records systems, approaches the challenges of extraction of all of the data from the customer's current database,unlike our competitors we have a background in the EHR business for over 20 years. In addition we look at the data with a first hand knowledge of the ophthalmology industry of over 30 years.  We have now combined that clinical and technical knowledge which allows us a deeper insight as to what data to find and where to look.  We have been able to extract data when other companies in this business have not been able.   also have been able to extract significantly more data than other companies. Another distinguishing point that separates us from other company is that we produce a database that has been "standardized" for easy consumption by a new EHR. In the interim of the time it takes from our extraction and conversion of the data, we offer a "Remedi Viewer" which allows the practice to "view" the newly created database.

Other companies produce a PDF for you and you have to manually enter the data into your new EHR.  See our "Value Statement" on this website for some interesting numbers to consider.  Some questions you may ask yourself are: 1. Do I want to spend more money and get an inferior product from another company?  2. Do I want to spend the money for another companies "services" and then have to spend more money to have my staff enter the data manually into a new EHR?  3. Do I want a company that can only look at the project from their cookie cutter point of view or use Remedi that looks at it from my point of view?  

1. "Discrete Data Extraction and Conversion Services for Electronic Health Records".  Remedi Software offers the ability to extract the data from your current EHR and convert it to a new and separate standardized database in an XML format that your new EHR can migrate into their format.

2."Canvas"is our standalone Imaging/PAC software module that enables seamless processing of images and electronic reports with discreet data into one centralized repository to be accessed from any other computer in your office for review and analysis by physicians and support staff. This allows the physician to have the data at their finger tips in order to move efficiently, effectively and process the patients' information. This has been proven to enhance patient care and increase the efficiency of the physician and staff. 

Contact us in Bradenton, FL today for more information about how we are dedicated to making your Discrete Data Extraction & Conversion or Imaging /PACS software solutions right for you and your practice.